claracare: 24/7 live support

Offer every patient always-on support through sMS, email, phone, and live chat.

ClaraCare offers every patient interested in your study always-on support that has been trained on your trial's protocol.

ClaraCare brings together everything need to build a retention system for your clinical trial. From 24/7 live support, travel concierge coordination, and beyond, provide your trial participants the most seamless experience possible through our centralized retention support team and platform.

wraparound patient support

24/7 Trial Applicant + Participant Support Drives Measurable Results.

Phase 2 rare disease clinical trial retention
Check-in messages delivered for virtualized COPD trial
Languages supported for live medical translation

How claracare works

Patient Support Designed For Efficient Clinical Operations.

Always Available
Patient populations + patient behavioral characteristics are identified from the start of each digital campaign.

Trained on Your Study Protocol
Patient populations + patient behavioral characteristics are identified from the start of each digital campaign.

In-house Support
Patient populations + patient behavioral characteristics are identified from the start of each digital campaign.

Secure + Compliant
Patient populations + patient behavioral characteristics are identified from the start of each digital campaign.

applicant feedback

The Clara team so thoughtfully planned my trips! They so totally exceeded my expectations with the process of executing travel plans.

Plus, they were always able to answer my questions, listen to my concerns (and even speak with the site on my behalf), and arrange accommodations nearby the site that de-stressed my travels immensely!

Rare disease patient
supported by clara hQ: retention

our in-house expert team

An Expert, Empathetic Patient Support Team

Our ClaraCare team is staffed 100% by Clara staff. This means that the critical work of patient support is never outsourced to a third-party call center, ensuring that the work is administered at the highest quality level and fully accountable.

Claracare team

In-house team from backgrounds in community health, clinical research, digital health, and more

International staffing and 24/7 coverage

Trained on all industry-standard patient safety, privacy, and engagement protocols

Equipped with ClaraCare infrastructure to ensure secure, encrypted, and private support

what motivates us

Finding and connecting to the right clinical trials can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. But it can be life-changing to find the right option.

I love that, by supporting them through this whole process, I can help patients take control of their lives and realize that they aren't defined by their disease.

Richada K.
ClaraCare Support Team Member

empathetic always-on support

Provide All Patients a Welcoming Experience

ClaraCare accelerates your trial with 24/7 support that simplifies your trial offer an easier facilitate payments on your software platform, build a marketplace, and pay out sellers or service providers globally—all while shifting payments compliance to Stripe.

Claracare includes

24/7 live support from our in-house team

Secure + compliant support via email, live chat, SMS, and voice call

Team trained on clinical trial protocol, compliance, and escalation needs

Embedded live chat support module on study pages

Live medical translation support in 240 languages

Never lose an applicant

Warm Transfers to Study Sites

It's not enough to get applicants to your study. Once prequalified, ensure that all of your applicants receive regular support + communications as they connect to their study site and complete their site visit.

Site transfers

Regular check-in messages to all prequalified applicants

Escalation of site communication lag to sponsor + CRO teams

Available scheduling + logistics augmentation support for study site teams

Learn more about site augmentation ⟶

retain your applicants + participants

Travel + retention support

Create smoother application and trial participation flows for your patients.

With ClaraCare Travel,
your applicants receive concierge service for everything from scheduling to travel arrangements, making site visits significantly less stressful than they would be otherwise.

applicant + participant Retention

Automated + personalized reminders

Scheduling support

Site visit informational guides

Travel concierge booking + support

Learn more about Clara HQ: Retention ⟶

Scale globally

Provide a high standard of patient experience across every country you operate in

Provide international patients a high standard of support with ClaraCare's medical translation support. ClaraCare offers support in 240 languages via email and SMS with response times as fast as 24 hours. Support is available even via live voice call, with medical translation partners who securely and comprehensively act as live, third-party translators between our ClaraCare team and your patients.

applicant + participant Retention

240 languages supported

Live call translation via compliant + secure medical translation team

Localized ClaraCare email + SMS support

why recentralize your trial

place your trial at the intersection of technology and empathy.

In a world where more than 80% of patients research their options thoroughly online, it's more important than ever before to offer patients every opportunity to learn about, enroll in, and fully participate in your trial.

Full capabilities

A Deeper Dive Into ClaraCare

Any clinical trial benefits when excellent patient support is made available. The ClaraCare team makes your study more approachable and less overwhelming, which in turn accelerates enrollment, improves retention, and boosts patient engagement.
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ClaraCare Team

In-house experts

Staffed by in-house Clara Health team members

Team selected from a background in community health, clinical research, patient advocacy, and more

Trained on study protocol, escalation paths, and compliance requirements

Trained on industry-standard best practices

International staffing

24/7 coverage

ClaraCare Infrastructure

Secure + compliant

HIPAA-compliant live chat module

Secure + encrypted email, SMS, voice call systems

Patient data stored in Clara HQ's encrypted database

Cleared by international compliance requirements

ClaraCare Live Support

Multi-chanel access to Live support

24/7 coverage, with options for 24- and 48-hour response time support

Live chat embedded on Clara webpages

Secure + encrypted SMS, email, voice call

Dedicated email address + phone number for study

Medical translation support in up to 240 languages

ClaraCare Automated Check-Ins

Regularly-scheduled check-in messages

Automated, scheduled messages sent via applicant's preferred channel

Timed for key moments in clinical trial journey (e.g. 3 days after prequalification, 1 day after site visit)

Fully-customizable messages

Templates available for sponsor customization

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