Clara HQ: sitesync support

maximize each study site's impact with clara's Site augmentation support.

SiteSync Support brings highly-trained clinical research professionals who augment your site coordinator teams and maximizes each site's contribution to your clinical trial.

Offload time-consuming tasks such as patient communications to empower even the most resource-constrained sites to operate with maximum efficiency.

Site Augmentation Provides Measurable Time Savings for Study Teams

In supporting a rare disease phase 2 clinical trial, SiteSync augmentation support helped more than 1,000 applicants pre-screen, and more than 260 prequalified patients schedule their site visits. In doing so, SiteSync offloaded nearly 190 hours communications and logistics work from site coordinator teams.

1,000+ Applicants Screened

via digital and phone screening

260+ Qualified Applicants Referred

to study sites after digital and phone screening

640 Messages Sent

via secure email, SMS, and phone call to screen, schedule, and complete applicant site visits

189 Hours Saved

in communications time from study site teams

Why clara sitesync

Transform every site into a high-performance contributor to your trial

By offloading time-consuming tasks, your sites can focus on the activities most critical to the success of your trial. Augmenting your study sites with SiteSync accelerates your team's ability to change patients’ lives and accelerate the pathway to breakthrough treatments.
A Single Point of Contact
Simplify coordination between your team, patients, and sites by providing your study site teams a single point of contact. 
Tech-Enabled Augmentation
SiteSync's site-focused tools and automations provide our team the ability to scale support services beyond what could be done with simple manual effort.
Dedicated Site Support Team
With extensive study site experience and backgrounds, SiteSync team members offer support to your study sites in a shared language.
Customized, Site-Specific Support
Every site need is different and change over time. It's why SiteSync is adapted to provide custom support on a site-by-site basis to ensure every coordinator team is receiving everything they need and nothing that they don't.
24/7 ClaraCare Applicant Support
dedicated study site support team
Patient Prescreening
Site visit informational guides
Study Site-specific webpages
scheduling support
Travel concierge
Patient Reimbursements

site coordinator feedback

[Clara's SiteSync team] was wonderful. They responded within minutes always - and if they didn't have an answer she would help me find it. This was my first recruitment company to work with on a clinical trial and they made it a very easy and successful process.

study site coordinator
staffed on rare disease phase 2 clinical trial

Complexity at the site level have increased significantly over time.

Clinical trials are increasing in complexity, while new technologies and operational processes have created new challenges for study site teams.


of investigators feel they manage too many separate technologies


increase in Phase III end points since 2011


increase in required procedures in clinical trials over 10 years

increase site engagement

Keep Your Study Front-of-Mind With SiteSync Portal

SiteSync Site Portals keeps your study easily-accessible and front-of-mind at each of your study sites by making it simple and seamless to offload critical, time-consuming tasks and to obtain crucial information about your trial.

Customizable portals for your study site teams keeps your study accessible and front-of-mind

SiteSync Site Portal provides every one of your study sites ready, online, and secure access study-specific materials, FAQs, and access to SiteSync support team members.

Online web portal improves accessibility of key documents, materials, and study information for study site teams
Broadcast key updates about study to all study teams through one centralized resource
SiteSync support for coordinators embedded onto page via live chat and accessible through SMS, email, and live call
Expedite screening and scheduling for patients on every study site's list via SiteSync Screening Pages

SiteSync Patient Portals offload the time-consuming work involved in pre-screening and scheduling  patients from already-constrained study sites and physicians. 

Provide all study sites a simple, seamless, and secure method of prescreening their patients for your trial
Prequalified patients are routed back to their original study sites for final screening and site visit
Embedded live chat ClaraCare support provides trial-specific assistance to all interested applicants

Dedicated site support staff

In collaborating with your study sites, your trial is able to help change patients’ lives and accelerate the pathway to breakthrough treatments. We find this is best done when sites and our team work closely alongside each other. Site support staff come from site experience

One point of contact for all of your sites

Sites escalate to one point of contact
Sponsors feed info to one contact

offload time-consuming

Offload time-consuming tasks such as patient communications to empower even the most resource-constrained sites to operate with maximum efficiency .

Rapport building

Offload time-consuming tasks such as patient communications to empower even the most resource-constrained sites to operate with maximum efficiency .

Tech-enabled site services

Offload time-consuming tasks such as patient communications to empower even the most resource-constrained sites to operate with maximum efficiency .

webpage for coordinators

demo videos
escalation collection
downloadable customizable recruitment assets

maximize site operations + augmenting their capabilities

Involved PIs
decent payment
faster responses
lack of sponsor-to-site communication + support

keep your study front-of-mind

regular check-in calls
site escalation support

featured success story

Offloading Weeks of Patient Screening + Coordination


The client's Phase 2B study in a rare, genetic condition required both digital and phone screening, as well as EMR consolidation, prior to an applicant getting scheduled for a site visit. Each patient required an average of 2.5 weeks of communications and logistical work to complete their phone screen and another 2.5 weeks to have their EMRs consolidated and sent to the relevant study site.


To offload the time-consuming task of communicating with applicants, the SiteSync and ClaraCare collaborated closely to ensure all prequalified patients were provided ample followup and opportunity to continue down the enrollment process.

Of the original 301 applicants, 149 prequalified against the initial digital prescreener. Clara was able to complete phone screening for 80%, or 120, of these applicants. Of the 54 patients who elected to make site visits, 30 had Clara consolidate their EMR.

Ultimately, the 54 prequalified applicants scheduled for site visits represented the end result of nearly 375 weeks of patient communications and logistics work.

Read the Full Case Study ⟶

By the numbers

301 total applicants

149 prequalified by digital screen

120 patients completed phone screens

54 applicants scheduled for site visits

30 EMRs consolidated

375 weeks of patient-facing communications offloaded

products + services

SiteSync Augmentation

ClaraCare Applicant Support

Recruitment Platform

Recruitment Engine

a mission-aligned team

Having worked on dozens of trials at study sites, I know intimately the demands placed on those teams. It's what drives me to help design and form the products and support we offer to the sites we work with.

Rachael Penchoen-Lind
Senior Manager, Site Operations

Full capabilities

Augment Your Study Sites Flexibly

SiteSync is designed for flexibility. Augment each study site with what they need most, add new capabilities as the need arises, and ensure each site is a high performer for your trial.
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Site-to-patient communications

Study site informational webpage

Site visit guides

Visit update communications

Inbound patient inquiry triage + escalation

24/7 live patient support

Site-to-Sponsor communications

Escalation of site-level needs

Coordination of study update communications

Recruitment pace monitoring

Site-specific patient recruitment


Patient Prescreening

Prescreening suite for site list patients

Digital prescreening

Phone screening

EMR consolidation

EMR screening

Patient Referrals

Secure digital patient referrals

Supported warm transfers of prequalified patient


Logistics Support

Patient travel concierge

Patient reimbursement

Site visit scheduling

Site Augmentation

Dedicated Site Support

Escalation of site-level issues to study sponsor

Dedicated site support phone + email contact


Site-Level data

Average response time

Site + applicant connection rates

Site team friction points or needs

offer your participants support for all trial-related topics through a single point of contact.

The ClaraCare team and the HQ: Retention Platform provide your participants continuous support through a single, always-accessible point of contact. When communications are simple, seamless, and empathetic, your trial participants feel supported and secure, and your team avoids the common pitfalls that lead to patient dropout.

claracare support channels

✓ 24/7 live applicant support

✓ On-page live chat

✓ Secure SMS

✓ Compliant email

✓ Always-ready voice call

customized support features

✓ Trained on your study protocol

✓ Participant-specific travel + reimbursement support

✓ Custom escalation paths

✓ Available in 240 languages

✓ Real-time translation available on voice call support

Re-centralize your trial around the participant experience

Each component of Clara HQ: Retention is designed to work together to build a fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that boosts your trial's retention. Whether adding one or all of these components, Clara's platform can help increase engagement within your study.

Participant Hub Page
24/7 Patient Support
Study Updates + Details
Study-Specific Education + Visit Guides
Dedicated Study Participant Hotline
Travel + Reimbursement Support

Automated Reminders Keep Your Participants Up-to-Date

Keep participant informed with trial updates, reminders + notifications, disease education, and more. Proactively resolve pressing participant needs, frustrations, and concerns with regularly scheduled status check messages.

Study Updates
Visit Information +
Event Reminders
Digital Surveying + ePRO Administration
Participant Sentiment Check-Ins
Automated Participant Outreach
Participant's Preferred Channel
Trial Participant

Make Trial-Related Travel as simple as possible.

From air, rail, and ground transportation to hotel and long-term housing accommodations, the ClaraCare team works one-on-one with participants to ensure travel is seamless. No matter the complexity of the trial or the participant's health needs, the ClaraCare team anticipates and arranges accommodations for diverse populations and their caregivers.

Travel Concierge Support
24/7 Patient Support
Reminders + Notifications
Reimbursement Support
Site Visit Information Guides
Scheduling + Travel Booking Support

digital sentiment surveys + electronic patient-reported outcome collection

38% of patients who dropped out of a study early thought the site visits were stressful compared to 16% who completed the trial.

Reduce the substantial cost associated with losing patients due to trial fatigue and low engagement through regular check-ins to uncover trends in participation concerns, enabling transparency and collaboration through and after the duration of a clinical trial.

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