HQ: Recruitment

Accelerate the impact of your study's recruitment strategy.

Clara HQ: Recruitment improves the impact of any clinical trial's recruitment effort with a comprehensive set of fully-virtualized patient recruitment solutions.

Decentralize your clinical trial experience with one centralized suite of software, services, and tools with Clara's Recruitment Platform.
Turnkey Webpages
Flexible and customizable. Clara HQ allows your team to spin up webpages with embedded live chat support, digital prescreening, and customizable content, within 48 hours.
Optimized For Mobile
More than half of all Clara traffic comes from mobile devices. That's why we obsessed over making the patient experience just as seamless on the small screen as on the large.
Optimize All Patient Traffic
With embedded live support, digital screening, and more, ensure that any patient can easily turn their interest in your study into action.
Scale When Needed
Clinical trial needs change over time. Clara HQ changes with them. So launch with or without 24/7 support. Add or adapt prescreening questions if your protocol is amended. Whatever your team's needs become, Clara HQ adapts to meet them.

faster recruitment through virtualization

Provide Seamless Enrollment Experiences to All Patients.

Secure + Flexible Patient-Friendly Webpages
Provide every patient the easiest opportunity to enroll into your study with Clara's study pages.
On-page live chat applicant support
Customizable layout + content
Mobile-optimized webpage layouts
Create multiple webpages for different audiences
Easy + Accessible Next Steps
With always-on live support and user-friendly digital screening, every patient has the opportunity to turn their interest in your trial into action.
Customizable digital prequalifying or contact capture forms
Mobile-optimized screeners
Embedded, on-page live chat for immediate support
Optional phone + EMR screening available

support applicants each step of the way

Keep Applicants Engaged Through Randomization

Warm Applicant Transfers to Study Sites
Never drop an prequalified applicant with warm transfers. Patient Support and Site Augmentation teams coordinate to ensure that any applicant referred receives consistent, timely communication.
Ensure consistent communication with every applicant
Escalate study site slowness to your clinical operations team
Offload time-consuming communications to Clara team
Automated Reminder Nudges
Customizable, automated reminders keep your study's next steps front of mind with every applicant through their communication channel of choice.
Automate nudges + reminders through the applicant's channel of choice
Supplement automated messages with live ClaraCare support
Leverage or customize Clara's patient message templates

faster recruitment through virtualization

A Comprehensive Suite of Decentralized Recruitment Solutions.

The Clara HQ: Recruitment improves the impact of any clinical trial's recruitment effort with a comprehensive set of fully-virtualized patient recruitment solutions.

Click through the tabs below to learn more about the Recruitment Platform, as well as each of the individual, self-contained components that come together to create the Platform.

Flexibly Recentralize Your Study Around the Patient Experience

Each component of the Clara Recruitment Platform is designed to work together to build a fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that accelerates trial recruitment.

Whether adding always-on patient support or rolling out a fully virtualized patient experience, the Clara Recruitment Platform can help turn more patient interest into accelerated trial recruitment for your team.

24/7 Patient Support
Automated Reminders + Check-Ins
Study Pages with embedded live chat support
Seamless Digital Screening
Phone screening + integrated scheduling
consolidation + screening
Real-Time Data Reporting

Augment Ongoing Recruitment with Grassroots Patient Engagement and Cutting-Edge Digital Outreach.

Drive awareness of your study with Clara's Recruitment Engine: A first-of-kind recruitment system that pairs the authenticity of grassroots patient advocacy with the scale of hyper-targeted digital outreach. And, because the Engine is design to work alongside any ongoing recruitment initiative, your team can accelerate recruitment pace with minimal disruption.

Learn About Recruitment Engine ⟶

Digital Outreach
Clara Patient Registries
Patient Advocacy Partnerships
Clara's Breakthrough Crew Ambassadors
Clara Recruitment Engine
Your Study's Digital Front Door
Ongoing traditional Recruitment

A Welcoming Digital Front Door Greets Every Patient

Clara Recruitment provides any patient or caregiver the easiest method for taking next steps towards enrolling into your trial. Minimize patient drop-off by providing seamless digital prescreening, supportive warm transfers to the appropriate study sites, and integrated phone and EMR screening for any interested applicant.

Study Pages with embedded live chat support
Seamless Digital Screening
Phone screening + integrated scheduling
EMR consolidation + screening
24/7 Patient Support

Ensure Applicant Connects With The Study Site Team

Dedicated support during the warm transfer from application to site visit keeps every prequalified patient engaged and informed. And Clara’s study site augmentation ensures that every site team can remain in close contact with their incoming patient leads without losing valuable time and resources to the task or whatever

Patient Applicant
Clara Site + Patient Support
24/7 live applicant support
Site visit scheduling
Site coordinator augmentation
Travel + reimbursement support
Study Site Team

Wraparound, Study-Specific Support

Address questions and concerns from interested patients immediately via ClaraCare. Our 24/7 patient support team offers patients access to empathetic, industry-leading help via on-page live chat, secure SMS, compliant email, and voice call.

claracare support channels

✓ 24/7 live applicant support

✓ On-page live chat

✓ Secure SMS

✓ Compliant email

✓ Always-ready voice call

customized support features

✓ Trained on your study protocol

✓ Custom escalation paths

✓ Available in 240 languages

✓ Real-time translation available on voice call support

Keep Your Entire Team On the Same Page

Transparent, realtime data reporting from each part of your recruitment funnel provides your study team and stakeholders immediate access to the information that matters most.

platform security

Security and Compliance
is in the Foundation.

Clara HQ builds all that your clinical operations teams need to virtualize your studies on top of our secure and compliant infrastructure.
Encryption in transit and at rest
All data transmission and all hard drives are encrypted, ensuring data security both at rest and in transit.
Server Security
All data stored on Clara HQ is robustly secured and encrypted, and only accessible through secured channels using SSH or TLS encryption.

Rigorously Compliant,
Straight Out of the Box.

Clara HQ and the Clara Health team operates in compliance with the US federal regulations, various guidelines as applicable, and the ethical principles underlying the involvement of human participation in research, as listed, but not limited, to the below:
HIPAA Compliant
GDPR Compliant
21 CFR Part 11
45 CFR Part 160 
45 CFR Part 164

Full capabilities

A Deeper Dive Into HQ: Recruitment

No matter your recruitment needs, our flexible + scalable platform can help accelerate your study's enrollment experience for every interested patient and caregiver.
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Direct-to-Patient Recruitment

Digital outreach

Patient advocacy partnerships

Breakthrough Crew: Clara's in-house patient advocacy network

Content Creation

Print design + distribution

Custom content generation via text, audio (podcasts), video

Customized digital awareness campaigns

Patient co-developed content

Learn More About Direct-to-Patient Marketing ⟶


Patient-facing Study Pages

Customizable, informational study webpages

Multiple page support

Localized language support in 240 different languages

On-page patient support live chat module

Customizable digital screen and contact capture modules

Data security

Data encryption at rest + in transit

HIPAA + GDPR-compliant

21 CFR Part 11
45 CFR Part 160 
45 CFR Part 164 Compliant


Applicant Pre-screening

Digital pre-screener

Integrated phone screen scheduler

Phone screen (realtime medical translation available)

EMR consolidation

EMR screening

patient - site connection

Warm transfer

Consistent communication with prequalified applicants

Site scheduling + coordination

Travel concierge


Secure applicant data transfer

Augmentation of site communication capabilities

Escalation of site communication slowness

Patient Support

24/7 Live Support

Always-on support via live chat, secure SMS, compliant email, and voice call

Dedicated email address + phone number for study

ClaraCare team trained on study protocol + escalation paths

24-hour and 48-hour response time support available

Automated nudges

Automated, scheduled messages sent via applicant's preferred channel

Best practice templates available for sponsor use

Fully customizable messages

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